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Sacred Dreamscapes - Kira MacDuffee and Majie Lavergne

Sacred Dreamscapes at the Gallery

by Kristen Scholfield-Sweet

Don’t miss this one!

The Sacred Dreamscapes of Kira MacDuffee and Majie Lavergne have created an unexpectedly interactive exhibition. As a viewer of art, I mostly expect the works to stay put on the walls, instead of pulling me into their depths. Pausing in front of Kira’s acrylic and mixed media images of complex symbolism, and Majie’s works of organic abstraction, created with alcohol ink on Yupo paper with resin, I found myself entering the surfaces, I found myself scrying.

Scry is from descry—to reveal. According to Lucya Starza, “Scrying is the practice of looking into crystal balls, mirrors, water, fire, clouds and many other things to see visions, find messages and gain knowledge.” Why not art? After all, there is no exact method for this divination technique, almost anything that takes meaning out of chance is a form of scrying.

For both Kira and Majie, the exploration of the subtle realm through intentional or lucid dreaming and meditation is a foundational spiritual practice, and their hope is to invoke in the viewer the aliveness and depth of these mysterious realms. I discovered this exhibition takes this hope one step furtherthat by gazing in a relaxed and comfortable way, by looking into the paintings without concentrating too hardimages and messages emerged from inside the colors and symbols.

Sacred Dreamscapes is an opportunity to explore your own liminal perception and develop your intuition as you relax and let these amazing and magical images and colours float into your awareness. On Friday July 22nd join Kira and Majie for an experiential exploration of your inner world through imagery and gestalt-style self-inquiry––as you “become” the subjects and objects inside the paintings.

Sacred Dreamscapes continues Sunday the 17th from 2 to 6pm, and next weekend

Friday July 22nd 6 - 9pm, Saturday July 23rd 2 – 6pm, and Sunday July 24th 2 – 6pm.


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