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Submit an Exhibition Proposal

Proposals will be accepted from December to mid-March for the coming summer exhibition season.


Deadline for the 2024 season: 11:59pm on March 15th


Proposals are juried by the Gallery selection committee with submitting artists notified of their acceptance, or not, by email in late March.

General information about the Exhibition Season

•    The Exhibition Season runs from mid-June to early September, usually accommodating five to seven shows.
•    The season comprises a mix of solo exhibitions, group exhibitions of two or more artists, and a member exhibition in which all Gallery members may participate.
•    Each exhibition runs for the duration of two weekends, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. The hours are: Friday night 6 to 9 pm; Saturday and Sunday 2 to 6 pm. The first Friday is the Opening Night.
•    The artist/coordinator of the exhibition is responsible for the set up and take down of the show and for hosting the gallery during open hours.
•    The gallery does not carry insurance to cover damages to or loss of art work. The artist may arrange their own coverage.
•    The gallery commission for works sold is 20%.
•    The Selection Committee sets the season calendar by reviewing proposals submitted by artists, with the selection guidelines in mind.
•    The Gallery reserves the right to refuse to exhibit certain works.



Selection priority:


Active contributing Art Gallery Members.
Cortes Island resident artists; then descendants.
Off-island artists.


Selection Guidelines:

•    A variety of media over the course of the season is preferred, so as to attract a wide audience.
•    The overall season is viewed as a complementary sequence of shows.
•    One Members Show each season.
•    No show or artist is assumed to be annual.
•    There will be two years between an individual artist’s solo shows
•    Each show will have sufficient work to 'hold' the gallery space.
•    Selection Committee may from time to time invite an artist to submit a proposal.
•    Each show will meet the Selection Committee’s standard of artistic merit.



For a Solo show:

•    One of a kind works.
•    Originality: A distinct expression of the artist’s work.
•    A unique series of pieces; and a sufficient number to hold the Gallery.
•    Presented in an environment that enhances its art qualities.
•    Mounted in the Gallery in a way that enhances the show's qualities.


Solo Show submission checklist:

1.    Your name, email, address, and phone number
2.    Confirmation of your current Gallery Membership.
3.    The title of your exhibition.
4.    The theme or artist statement for your exhibition.
5.    A material description of the works.
6.    A rough layout of your exhibition using the Gallery Floor Plan.
7.    Special requirements, if any.
8.    A minimum of 5 examples of your work that are specifically related to the proposed show as jpg or pdf files. (If the Gallery is unfamiliar with your work, more examples may be requested) If work is planned, but not completed, please provide working sketches diagrams and/or mock ups as jpg or pdf files.


For a Group Show

A group show differs from a solo exhibition in more ways than the number of artists whose works are presented. A group show is guided by a single unifying concept, with the resulting exhibition becoming an installation that focuses each artist’s contribution toward the theme. A group show benefits from collaboration among the artists to develop the theme such that the entire exhibition is larger, more coherent and more provocative than any one artist’s body of work.


Group Show submission checklist:

1.    The title of the exhibition.
2.    The premise, theme, or statement for the exhibition.
3.    A list of confirmed artists.
4.    The name of the Coordinator for the exhibition with their email, address, and phone number.
5.    Confirmation of all artists current Gallery Membership.
6.    Description of how each artist’s work contributes to the show’s premise.
7.    Special requirements, if any.
8.    Two images of each artist's work that are specifically related to the proposed show in .jpeg. .jpg, or .pdf format and not exceeding 3mb in size. If work is planned, but not completed, please provide working sketches diagrams and/or mock ups.


Helpful tools


Download the Gallery Floor Plan here.

How to resize images on a MAC computer.

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